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Fanfiction by SK

From the 7/10/11 blog entry.

This has been bothering me for a while, so allow me to say at least one thing.

Regarding Sonic's infamous bad game streak, I know already. I know that his games haven't been doing well since Shadow the Hedgehog, but at least SEGA knows this and have been doing things to help him recover from his streak. I mean, according to the ratings from the press, both Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors have done well (moreso Colors), and the upcoming Sonic Generations is looking to continue this successful game trend.

But even though Sonic's recovering, know this one fact of life: Not everyone can be pleased... See, even though both 4 and Colors have proven to be successful, some people just don't like them for various reasons, whether it be the physics in 4 or the Wisp gimmicks in Colors. And already, I've seen people complain about classic Sonic's gameplay in the recent Generations demo. And its leaked level list...and so on and so forth.

Same applies to My Little Pony. It might be the current big thing on everyone's mind right now, but even though that's the case, there are still some people who find it overrated, unoriginal (even though nothing really is original these days, IMO), boring, etc. I know some of them personally, btw.

So, my point is...

If you feel like letting us know of your opinion that Sonic sucks, that he shouldn't be crossovering/pairing up with Rainbow Dash, or some other BS...don't. We certainly don't care about it and will likely ignore you. And if you persist...well, I have to say that you're pretty much forcing your opinion on us. =/

Thank you.

~Super Klonoa


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Yeah, the blog entry by xgamerx01 was something I was not expecting. He really should've told me first before doing it, but I won't yell at him for it.

(Btw, in case you're wondering, the only reason why he's co-founder of this group is because I asked him to buy something on Steam a while back. In return, he asked to be co-founder and that's how it went. Since I'm on DA almost everyday, I didn't really need help with this group at all if that's what some of you were thinking.)

On the other hand, though, the dude has a point. Hasbro has been focusing on Twilight Sparkle way too much recently in the season openings and finales, with the rest of the Mane Six being mere sidekicks to her. I've been echoing this quite a bit on my personal journal if you've been paying attention, and its been bothering me for a while now.

But... honestly, maybe I feel this way because of Rainbow Dash being rather underutilized in the show, since season 2 ended. And it certainly didn't help when I first heard those theories about her by a certain someone two years ago that made me start the fic that I'm trying to finish up now. For those of you who don't know, the theories had to do with her very first Sonic Rainboom being the catalyst for all of their cutie marks to appear, and that her own willpower was what's really powering the Elements of Harmony.

I mean, we still don't know much about the Elements of Harmony other than what's been stated in the show. What are their, and the Tree of Harmony's, exact origins? Can one single pony wield the full power of them, unlike when Celestia used them to banish her sister to the moon instead of uncorrupting her outright? Is it really up to destiny to choose who wields the Element of Magic, implied by Twilight's cutie mark being on the Tree itself? Or can something like the theoretical Super Rainbow Dash still happen, regardless of who is chosen to wield the lead Element?

It's questions like these that they painfully chose to ignore when they gave up the Elements to the Tree, and unless they return, these questions will unfortunately never be answered. Before you ask, no, according to what I've heard from Hasbro, the Rainbow Power forms will not be through the Elements. They're going to be through the Breezies once Twilight gets her kingdom. Or something like that. The tidbit is out there somewhere on Google if you wish to know.

Back to Rainbow Dash... as I've said, I feel like she's being underutilized. Her skills, rather. 'Cause during the first two seasons, we learn that she can:

-Fly fast.
-Can break the sound barrier.
-Has decent brawling skills of her own and is pretty strong in her own right.
-Can blow something up with herself alone in a nuke-like blast, coming out unscathed (though some may say that it was for cartoonic effect. I really don't think it is)

In essence, she's basically like Sonic... which is why we do crossovers between the two, right? Except unlike Sonic, Dash hasn't saved the world on her own. It's either that she works with her friends to do it, or either Twilight, her brother (with Cadence)  or Spike, basically anybody who's really close to Twilight, does it instead. And that's what irks me. If she has these awesome skills, then why won't the writers use them to their fullest? Make Dash show what she's truly capable of, in other words? Super form or not.

And you know what else is wrong about this? In the season 2 episode, "Mare Do Well," the friends state that they actually don't mind Dash being the hero, as long as she doesn't brag. So, other than a few small instances... why haven't we seen anymore of this? It's quite weird. =/

Or maybe, simply because... it's still a little girl's show. To Hasbro execs. Perhaps they want to be safe and promote what works for them, and that is, going the princess route for Twilight and nothing else. As well as trying to go for that Barbie audience with Equestria Girls. After all, little girls like dolls and pretty princesses, right?

Actually, honestly, I don't know what's with the focus on Twilight. But either way, I'm just as irked as Xgamer, but only because I feel Dash is being underutilized at this point. They seriously need to give her the spotlight in season 5, but I doubt it, so as long as the theoretical need to play it safe with shareholders exists.

And that is my opinion and reply on this whole matter.

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